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Must Watch Videos

Dr. Giacobbe and his staff believe in informed, educated, decision-making when it comes to health care.  We care deeply about your health and are providing links to these videos for your personal viewing and information purposes only.

We're different: a humorous look at holistic wellness: 

Here are some of our clients sharing their experiences

Weight Loss






Here are some videos that raise questions about the current state of health care in the U.S.  Please let's continue to ask the hard questions.

This first video is about a Mother and Child. It is for all pregnant mother's and those who care and love them:

Cancer: One of the best presentations to become well informed

This next video by Gary Null, is a documentary that is important to watch if you have children or are interested in children's health:

Video about Gardasil:  The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax:

Mercola's famous Allopath cartoon video:

Mercola's Health Disaster video:

Here is one about cholesterol medication: 


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